Tips For Riding The Royal Gorge Train

Posted on: 3 March 2022

The Royal Gorge Route Railroad operates a passenger train tourists can ride to enjoy Colorado's Royal Gorge along the Arkansas River from a unique perspective at the bottom of the gorge.

The train operates multiple times a day and offers a breakfast, lunch, afternoon, and dinner trip.

If your family will be in the area and plan to take a trip on the train, here are some tips:

Tip: Understand By Law Only a Registered Service Animal is Permitted on the Train

If you plan to ride the Royal Gorge train while on vacation in Colorado with your family and dogs, then it is important you know that only registered service animals are allowed on the train by law.

Since it is not legal for non-service animals to travel by train, the staff cannot and will not make any exceptions. 

If you are traveling in the hot summer months and have a dog with you, then you will need to make arrangements for it to stay somewhere safe during your train ride. 

If you do have a registered service animal traveling with you, then you need to bring along a copy of the registration as well as any food or water bowls your dog will need.

Tip: Consider the Season When Planning a Dinner Trip

If you want to have a romantic dinner on board the train, then it is important to think about the time of year you travel. 

For example, in the winter when days are shorter, much of the trip will be in the dark. However, the train is equipped with high-intensity and laser lights used to illuminate the gorge as it travels through.

The train lighting the gorge is very romantic and many travelers actually prefer this to travel during the light nights of summer. However, if you want the gorge to be in full view, then traveling in the late spring to early fall is ideal.

Tip: Book Early for Group Royal Gorge Train Rides

Finally, while the Royal Gorge Route Railroad is very group-friendly and offers a discount for larger groups, the train is often fully booked with travelers well ahead of its departures.

For this reason, it is vital your group makes arrangements with the company as early as possible. By reserving space months in advance, you can ensure everyone in your group can travel through Colorado's amazing Royal Gorge along the Arkansas River together.


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