Tips For An Awesome First Skydive

Posted on: 15 October 2020

For some, skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For others, it becomes a hobby they enjoy on a semi-regular basis. Regardless of which approach you ultimately take, though, your first skydive will be an experience you never forget. Here are some tips to help ensure you have an amazing time while falling from the sky.

Tip #1: Dive early in the morning.

If possible, try to book the earliest dive time that is available at the facility. Skydiving makes most people nervous — even experienced divers will sometimes get the jitters before their dive. If you book first thing in the morning, you won't have as much time to allow your nervousness to build, so you will be more composed and prepared, mentally, for your dive.

Tip #2: Go to the bathroom as soon as you arrive.

You do not want to have to worry about this while skydiving! Once you check in with your instructor and start filling out paperwork, things move quickly, and you may not remember or get a chance to use the bathroom. So the best strategy is to use the bathroom as soon as you arrive at the skydiving facility before you check in and get started with your pre-dive prep.

Tip #3: Get the video!

Most skydiving places will allow you to purchase a video of your dive for an additional fee. This is worth springing for, especially when it's your first dive. With the video, you can re-live the experience again and again, and you can even share it with friends. When someone finds out you've been skydiving, it is nice to be able to say "I have a video, do you want to see?"

Tip #4: Take an anti-nausea medication an hour before your dive.

You might think you don't get motion sickness, but being up in a plane and knowing you are going to jump out can cue motion sickness that you've never had before. So it is best to play it safe and take anti-nausea medication before your dive. Take it with a small meal, such as a granola bar and banana. It's best to have a little something in your stomach, but nothing heavy.

The tips above will make for an awesome first skydiving experience. You're going to have so much fun that you schedule another dive soon! Listen to your instructor, and remember to relax and focus as much as you can. For more information about skydiving, contact a local skydiving facility.


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