3 Reasons You Should Sign Your Child Up For Karate School

Posted on: 14 September 2015

Do you have a child whom you want to get involved in an extracurricular activity? Are they not interested in soccer, basketball, or other team sports? You may want to consider karate. You can likely find a karate or martial arts school in your area. Most martial arts schools offer classes for even young children to get started in learning the basics. Some parents mistakenly believe that martial arts schools teach and promote fighting among kids. While self-defense training is a big part of karate school curriculum, there are other more important lessons your child will learn. Here are three reasons why karate school may be good for your child:

Karate can help build attention and focus. Short attention spans are a problem for many kids today. Between television, video games, online videos, and many other types of media, your child probably has several things competing for his or her attention at any given time. In karate school, your child will spend a block of time focusing on his or her instructor and paying attention to complex and intricate moves.

This intense focus for a prolonged period will help your child learn how to pay attention to other teachers and coaches. Following directions is critical to being successful in karate. Many children in karate school see an improvement in their ability to listen to directions and focus on instruction.

Karate teaches non-violent ways to diffuse confrontations. Arguments, disagreements, and confrontations are often a regular part of childhood. Many children don't have the emotional or communication skills needed to peacefully defuse confrontations. While karate includes teachings on physical self-defense, most children never use karate in a real-world setting. That's because non-violent confrontation settlement is also a big part of the curriculum. Instructors emphasize that karate is only to be used in extreme self-defense situations. They then teach children how to manage their emotions and search for more peaceful resolutions to disagreements.

Karate can help build a strong work ethic. One of the things kids love most about karate is that there is a structured path for success. Unlike many team sports, success in karate isn't dependent on what others do. Your child will get out of karate what they put into it. That path for success comes in the form of the colored belts. Many children take great pride in moving up to a new belt levels and that pride often helps kids work harder to achieve more. Karate is a great way to instill the value of using hard work and practice to get results.

For more information, visit a karate school such as H S Lee's Karate School. They can help you decide if karate school is right for your child.


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