Simple Safety Guidelines For Birthday Party Inflatables

Posted on: 11 September 2015

If you want to make sure your child's birthday party is a smash, adding inflatables to the outdoor gathering is one of the easiest ways to make sure every child that stops by for a visit has a good time. However, bouncy houses, inflatable slides, and other inflatable attractions do come along with some safety rules that must be followed while the rented equipment is situated on your property. Here are a few simple safety rules you should make sure to implement when you rent inflatables for your little one's birthday bonanza.

1. Adult Supervision Is Always a Requirement - Even though the kids at the party will be perfectly content using the inflatables on their own, adult supervision is always a requirement. There must be someone looking over the children at play at all times to make sure the  rest of the safety guidelines for the inflatable equipment are always followed carefully.

2. Make All Participants Remove Damaging Items - Shoes, jewelry, glasses, and anything else that could possibly puncture the inflatable if dropped should be removed before the kids get into the inflatable to play. Make sure to also have the children empty their pockets and remove any clothing that may have sharp metal buttons, such as jackets.

3. Follow Maximum Load Guidelines Closely - On every inflatable you will find a sign that clearly states how many people, or how much weight is allowed, on or inside of the equipment at one time. You should strictly adhere to these guidelines to keep everyone at play and the equipment safe.

4. Stop Playtime If Winds Get Up - Inflatable play equipment is basically like a large air-filled balloon in periods of high wind and can pull the restraints loose with enough force. If you notice the wind picking up, have everyone leave the inflatable temporarily.

5. Keep Hot Objects Away from the Inflatable - If you are planning to have sparklers, a grill, or even hot drinks at your child's birthday party, make sure that these items are not in close proximity to the inflatable equipment. The vinyl and plastic material can and will melt with a high enough temperature.

Inflatables at a birthday party can make all of the difference in how much fun all of the guests have while they are on your property. To make sure your event is as safe as possible, get a list of safety instructions from the inflatable provider (such as Adventures In Climbing) and make sure they are closely followed throughout the entirety of the event.


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